Popular questions

How do I know where my parcel or letter is?

Enter your tracking number on the website and check delivery status. You can also use mobile app; in this case you will get delivery updates.

Where can I find the tracking number  

You receive the tracking number once your parcel, registered letter, registered small parcel or registered postcard is accepted by Russian Post. This number is specified in the receipt.

The tracking number for mails within Russia consists of 14 digits. It should be entered without spaces and parentheses.

Example: 35005145009747

If the parcel, letter or small parcel is sent to you, you can ask the sender (online stores usually specify it on the order page) to give you the tracking number. If possible, ask the seller to use registered mail, when you place your order. 

Tracking of international mails  

The tracking number for international mails consists of 13 symbols: Latin capital letters and digits. It should be entered without spaces and parentheses. Example: CA123456789RU

Unregistered letter from abroad cannot be tracked within the territory of Russian Federation, as it is not registered in postal information system.

Russian Post tracking service accepts most international tracking numbers. If the service does not accept your number, try to track it on the website of the post of the country of origin.

International mails can be delivered through transit points (for example, the parcel from New York to Moscow may be delivered through Berlin, and this information is shown in the tracking system).

Tracking problems

If there is no information on your tracking number, perhaps, the post has just accepted the mail and the information will be available soon. Try again later. Register on Russian Post website and subscribe to notifications on your tracking number, to get delivery updates on your parcel.

It is impossible to track mails without tracking numbers. The addressee’s address or surname cannot be used instead of tracking number to receive tracking information.

If the delivery of your parcel, small parcel or letter takes too much time, you need to submit request for search.